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OMG thaks so much to Pokeninja for this lovely award ;w;


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1. Why did you start to blog in the first place?

This a good question, and I answer it partly in the About Section:

“I created this blog to mainly share my thoughts on manga titles, post photos of merch and fangirl over Visual Novels” + practice english.

The second part of the answer is this: (Story time!)

When I was about 17 years old, a bit after I realised those odd cartoons I liked were called anime, I got super interested in manga and scans, this led me to actually be a part of an english scanlation group and also part of the forum and the community.  My written english wasn’t exactly great but I could talk to them, laugh together, ask for advice, give advice, etc… I met lovely people there that helped me much more than they’ll ever know. This was the MSN Messenger golden era, so we would make chat groups that lasted hours! also because of time zones, I was pretty much always chatting late at night, we had people from USA, Canada, Australia, Europe etc it was amazing! I also sometimes helped one of them with her spanish homework xD

Sadly, after a couple of years the scanlation group died and so did the forum, eventually I lost track of all my english speaking friends. This was on 2010 so it’s been 6 years… since then I became active in the spanish anime/manga community, and they are also very lovely *waves to her friends who read this blog*. On January I was nominated for a tag in which I had to answer if I would ever consider translating my blog into english to make it more “international”… I had actually thought about it before but doing bilingual posts just seemed so messy, a new blog sounded like a better idea. The question also reminded me once more of all the great memories I had from the english community, giving me the final push in order to make “HobbyLuv” happen. (And you are all very lovely too *cries*)

*End of story time* (That was loooong)

2. What is your favorite book?

I don’t think I’ve read enough to have a favorite book ;-;

3. What do you dislike the most?

The answer I give to this question is always the same; I hate when people don’t respect my time. Specifically:

  • I hate unexpected visits… I love my friends but if one of the calls me and says “Hey I’ll be at your house in 10 min” … I’ll hit them… especially since that’s a statement, not a question which makes me even angrier >c  I like having friends over, but I really dislike when people just think of their own convenience without thinking of your plans. (I’m ok if its morning and people ask about plans for the evening, but this few-minutes-advance warning makes me super mad).
  • People being late. I stopped doing things in order to be here on time… why are you not here?!

4. What’s your favorite food item from the mall?

Quesadillas with lots of guacamole (I love guacamole xD) or Chicken Shawarma! and Red Velvet cupcake! Depends on my mood(?)

5. What is your favorite pastime activity?

All my hobbies then xDDD manga, games, series. Recently I have begun watching more american series and Korean dramas, just a few since I don’t have that much time ;A;

Ps: I went to the mall today, ate Shawarma and brought home some hummus ;w;

Sweetening up my day!

Hi! I wanted to share a recent purchase from Blippo. A while ago they were holding a summer sale and I got some Japanese candies :9 (I started this post so long ago orz)

Blippo offers free shipping, and for an extra $2 you’ll get tracking info which I find great! Sadly my local mail service took a long time to deliver the box, so after a month of being in the country they finally delivered it 😥

Let’s begin!

These were my best purchase òuó, as you can see, there is an illustration of a bird holding the candies and whistling. You can blow trough the candy and make a whistling noise! ;w; best candy I’ve had in many years xDD I had lots of fun bugging my dog and my sisters with them xD the downside is that they are very similar to Smarties, both in taste and in consistency, and although I do like Smarties, this means they can break easily if you are not careful ;-;
(Nozomi is 25 but enjoys this kind of stuff as if she were 7)

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5 moments I let my otakuness slip

I pretty much disappeared for a while orz I have been pretty busy with work ;A; I also started learning Korean and that took away a lot of my free time, but it’s fun ;w;  I’ll try to get back on schedule.

I’m pretty sure otakuness is not a word but let’s just go with it!

The main reason I started blogging was that I felt sort of alone in my hobbies, I didn’t really have anyone to share them with. That was like 7 years ago, now I’m pretty sure all my friends know I like anime/manga/chinese stuff (as they call them), but I think they don’t realize just how deep I’m in it…. until it slips :_D

These are just some of those moments:


A Chinese Boy(?)

When I started university I didn’t really share much about what I liked… actually I didn’t really talk that much at all :_D but I got along well with everyone and I slowly started making friends. This was good because there were a lot of group projects.

This happened when I had my very first blog and I began to like otome, the Starry Sky games were pretty new and I loved them (I still don’t know Japanese but at that time I played with text extractors and automatic translations, crappy translations yes – but I was hooked xDDD). So, I used my blog to fangirl with other otome fans (that hasn’t changed since then :’D), and I also had a public image gallery where I uploaded any scans or official images I found of SS, it was hosted on mediafire.

One day I was uploading pics to the SS mediafire folder and at the same time I was uploading a file that I was supposed to send to a friend for a group project… so… it happened… I mixed them up and ended up sending my friend the Starry Sky pic TTwTT

ShikiI was so embarrassed I still remember the exact pic I sent her ;A;

Shiki looks great, but my friends answer was “Hey, you didn’t send me the file, I got a Chinese boy instead!” and then I died :_D

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