Backstage Pass

At the beginning of the year Sakevisual released an almost complete version of their most recent game Backstage Pass. I was really excited to play it, sadly life got in the way and by the end of January I still had a lot to complete. Even so, I wanted to do this post and share a bit of my second impression of the game. I did my first playtrough on March 2014, when the first beta was released, it’s been almost two years!

Images taken from the official site and screenshots of the game.

Backstage Pass is a visual novel/sim game currently being produced by sakevisual. It follows the life of Sian Goodin as she juggles her first year in college with her work as a professional makeup artist. Gameplay will be in the style of a stat-raising otome game, and the final game will be available for sale on PC, Mac, and Linux.

-Four potential suitors and a wide cast of characters
-Over 16 unique endings
-Fully Voiced (English)
-Raise stats to change the story
-Work jobs to earn money and increase your status in the industry.
-Change Sian’s look with 80+ articles of clothing.
-80+ unique CGs

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You can get Backstage Pass on Sakevisual’s site or on Steam. The game is $29.99US and works on Pc, Mac and Linux.

This post won’t contain any spoilers, it’s more of a general opinion and if there is something spoiler-ish I’ll put a warning.


Now let’s talk a bit about the main guys:

adam_hoverAdam: He is Sian’s best friend/childhood friend, and also a singer whose popularity is quickly raising. I LOVE THEIR FRIENDSHIP!!! It pains me to even think of them in romance mode, I’m sure it’ll be cute and funny, but I’m still not ready.

ben_hoverBenito: The youngest character, he is a 15 year old  magician! Benito is pretty playful but he is also very work focused. He knows how to read and understand people which is what I found the most interesting of his character, besides the magic.

john_hoverJohn: He is the oldest one (35), a former actor who is now working as a producer. His relationship with Sian is quite rocky at first, I was really looking forward to see how they grew close. It was kind of business like (</3), but it still had very nice moments. Also british accent!

matthew_hoverMatthew: He is so very very shy, surprisingly he works as a model. Matty is just so adorable, that’s it, he is the sweetest thing!!! His entire route just made go awww, I just want to hug him ;-;

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Top priority manga purchases for 2016!

Hello! Let’s start this blog fangirling over manga titles!

Last year a lot of licenses were announced and a lot of them made me really hyped! So, here is a list of my top priority purchases for 2016! (Not that I’ll get them any time soon because I’ve been spending a bit too much on figures… so my manga budget got messed up *sobs*).


518hpTbMO+L._SX331_BO1,204,203,200_Princess Jellyfish

Veeeery veeeery excited for this one!

I can finally have the Amars on my shelves! I’m also quite happy that they made this an omnibus version, that means I get to spend less 😉



My sister dragged me into this fandom and I couldn’t be any happier! This is actually one of the main reasons my manga budget got cut, I got Hinata, Kageyama and Oikawa’s nendos (they are on their way from Japan), plus Noya and Kenma when they get released on May and June!


61AK7f6m+fL._SX347_BO1,204,203,200_Goodnight PunPun

This one comes out on March! Happy Birthday to me! It’s one of the titles I’m the most excited about, cause It’s one of my favourite mangas. Before the Viz announcement, I was making plans to get the spanish version (how? I still wasn’t sure, but I was deadset on getting it!), so I was jumping for joy when the title was licensed in english.


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