Backstage Pass

At the beginning of the year Sakevisual released an almost complete version of their most recent game Backstage Pass. I was really excited to play it, sadly life got in the way and by the end of January I still had a lot to complete. Even so, I wanted to do this post and share a bit of my second impression of the game. I did my first playtrough on March 2014, when the first beta was released, it’s been almost two years!

Images taken from the official site and screenshots of the game.

Backstage Pass is a visual novel/sim game currently being produced by sakevisual. It follows the life of Sian Goodin as she juggles her first year in college with her work as a professional makeup artist. Gameplay will be in the style of a stat-raising otome game, and the final game will be available for sale on PC, Mac, and Linux.

-Four potential suitors and a wide cast of characters
-Over 16 unique endings
-Fully Voiced (English)
-Raise stats to change the story
-Work jobs to earn money and increase your status in the industry.
-Change Sian’s look with 80+ articles of clothing.
-80+ unique CGs

Taken from:

You can get Backstage Pass on Sakevisual’s site or on Steam. The game is $29.99US and works on Pc, Mac and Linux.

This post won’t contain any spoilers, it’s more of a general opinion and if there is something spoiler-ish I’ll put a warning.


Now let’s talk a bit about the main guys:

adam_hoverAdam: He is Sian’s best friend/childhood friend, and also a singer whose popularity is quickly raising. I LOVE THEIR FRIENDSHIP!!! It pains me to even think of them in romance mode, I’m sure it’ll be cute and funny, but I’m still not ready.

ben_hoverBenito: The youngest character, he is a 15 year old  magician! Benito is pretty playful but he is also very work focused. He knows how to read and understand people which is what I found the most interesting of his character, besides the magic.

john_hoverJohn: He is the oldest one (35), a former actor who is now working as a producer. His relationship with Sian is quite rocky at first, I was really looking forward to see how they grew close. It was kind of business like (</3), but it still had very nice moments. Also british accent!

matthew_hoverMatthew: He is so very very shy, surprisingly he works as a model. Matty is just so adorable, that’s it, he is the sweetest thing!!! His entire route just made go awww, I just want to hug him ;-;

Stuff that hasn’t changed since my first playtrough :

  • I still love John and Matty
  • I still CAN’T go on Adam’s romantic route, I just can’t, I adore their friendship, I don’t want to see them as lovers </3 I will do his route, but probably after completing everything else.
  • Lloyd is still my fave secondary character!

Stuff that has changed:

  • I used to relate a lot with the university bits of the game, but now I fully and completely relate to the working part, specially when talking about stability and future paths… freelancing is quite scary at first, and there’s some really nice advice in the game!
  • I’m in love with the voices! I refused to play any of the partial updates until most of the voices were complete, so I hadn’t heard anyone yet.
  • If before it felt kind of weird to romance Benito (15) now it was weirder :lol:, his path was cute nonetheless!
  • Even when I love John, it felt really weird to replay his route! The age difference didn’t really bother me in 2014, but now my little sis turned 18 and I was a bit biased. Of course my sister is nowhere near as mature as Sian… but still… a bit weird.
  • Some side characters got their own routes, they are shorter than the main ones, but it’s still nice ;w;
  • Lloyd is still my fave secondary character, but honestly I really like all the other side characters; Dale, Nicole, Celina, Alvin they are all great!
  • There are some small but pleasant changes:
    • New e-mails from your parents updating you on your home situation.
    • Blog stats, and you can chose wether to post a video or a text post.
    • Private messages from your blog (you can’t answer then, but I like them).
    • Guys complementing your clothes (I think they didn’t do that the first time I played).
    • The “Fatigue” maximum increased a bit, so you can do a bit more than before.

I am really enjoying this game, playing with voices is a lot of fun, I replayed everything to get the full experience 😀 It still has some small bugs, like bits of misplaced voices but overall is still great.

And here are a few screenshots, there may be some mild-spoilers.
I actually have more than 90 screenshots! IT WAS REALLY HARD TO CHOSE WHAT TO POST D;
(Click to enlarge)

Examples of why I love Sian and Adam’s friendship:


A bit of John


A bit of Matty


A bit of Benito


Alvin deserves his gallery too, he’s a keeper!
(The third one might be too spoilerish, you have been warned)


Examples of why I love Lloyd:


And a bit of some side characters


This was very fun to write xD
I think I also barely made it to the #DatingSimonth 🙂


11 thoughts on “Backstage Pass

  1. Leafさんの夢が。。。 says:

    This game looks so good but I was afraid to pay that much since there were a quite a few steam reviews that marked it down. But, seeing your review, I definitley am adding this to my library! Thanks so much for this!!!

    Do you know any good tsunderes? Doesn’t have to be just on this game;)


    • Nozomi says:

      Yay! I also saw some of the bad reviews and one of the main complains is how long the game has been “under production”, but I still think it was worth the wait, it has a lot more extras than when the first beta came out, and it’s completely voiced 😀 It’s also almost ready for the official release.

      I think you have played way more games than me xD as for tsunderes pretty much all Voltage games have their own tsundere character, I think the ones I like the most are Scorpio from Star Crossed Myth and maybe Tennoji from Metro PD. Mmm… as for free games, Autumn’s Journey is a really sweet game and Kerr is kind of tsundere xD

      Hopefully those are new for you 😀

      Liked by 2 people

  2. Anne Fujosushi Lee (@apricotsushi) says:

    Great review!! I’ve never played this game but the production values are amazing. It’s always neat to hear how opinions change over multiple playthoughs of a game, too 🙂

    By the way, I love your blog! I wish I could read Spanish so I could understand more of your other blog, but your posts seem really fun! And you featured my site?! Gosh! Thanks!


    • Nozomi says:

      (〃▽〃) Thanks for taking a look at my post, and yeah when I replayed I wasn’t expecting my outlook on the game to change so much.

      And also thanks for taking a look at my other blog, yes, I featured Chic Pixel when it turned 5, I really like your blog *dies of embarrassment* (〃▽〃)


    • Nozomi says:

      Me too! I had been following the game since its announcement, I was super excited when the pre-orders came out! It’s been a while but I’m really glad it’s almost finished, the game is super fun! Hopefully you get to play it soon 😀

      Liked by 1 person

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