What I played – March/April

Wow it’s been over a month and I was barely active *sobs* I honestly admire people who just manage to do everything, like seriously, they work and/or study, run a blog, are active on social media, finish the games they start, read manga and keep up with many anime series every season like… wow… I have 0  time-management skills D;

So here is everything I started on March and haven’t finished yet! At least with this I get to talk a bit about the games cause otherwise it’ll be weeks until I finish and write a proper post orz or maybe months… who knows *cries*

You can find more info about each game clicking the link on each title.


Mystic Destinies: Serendipity of Aeons 
I actually won Shou’s main route (the blond guy) on a twitter giveaway, and I did finish it once and it was actually kind of sweet. He’s like the happy puppy I usually leave until the very end xDD

I played not knowing anything about the game! It has a supernatural theme and I find the art really pretty. I remember stumbling upon this game on its early planing during the Kickstarter and the art was different, I’m glad they changed it.
I also stopped following its development because I thought it would only be released for IOS, later I actually though it was only for PC, but I was gladly surprised to know they included Windows, Mac and Linux.

Shou’s epilogue is out, so I’d like to play it too (after finishing all his endings first >:3) Fyi this is the guy I would have probably played first. Shinji ❤



Fire Emblem Fates: Birthright
Still reminds me of levelling up Pokemon xDD
I was enjoying it, and I started to play a bit everyday, but more games came out and my work got in the way so I eventually just stopped 😦

I was also really surprised because I had no idea you could have kids! like I melted because my son called me mommy ;A; hahaha I knew you could romance someone, but didn’t know you could match people in your unit ;w; (you have shipping powers!). People who played FE must be thinking I’m silly :_D I still have lots to play and learn about FE.

Ps: I ended up marrying Kaden, he is so adorable ;w; (and the ears!)


Hustle Cat 
Cats… lovely cats! I really like this one, I have just finished Hayes route >:3

I usually do a first play-trough just answering whatever I would actually say or do in that situation… and that led me to Finley’s route, which was surprising and cute ;w; then I started two other routes xDDD the only thing that bothers me is that there are very few saves… I save like for every choice!!! you can’t just give me 8 slots! that’s not enough D;


Queen at Arms Deluxe Version
I played the first release and had a discount on the deluxe version valid until late March, so I decided to get it. There are also new datable characters so I’m going for the fox guy first >w>

We also got new and improved sprites on some extra characters, like the soldiers and new CGs for scenes that didn’t had them. I enjoyed the story, the mystery and the magic, I’m going to play everything again to get the Steam achievements! òuó9


C14 Dating 
I’ll pretty much buy anything that Deji draws (she has become a lovemark for me xDD).

I find this game quite interesting! I have learned a lot about archeology! The mini games are also fun but can get a little frustrating… especially the sodoku-ish one, at some point I just skipped them all xDD You do get to decide if you want to play them, or just focus on the story, but minigames give you journal entries that you won’t get in story mode. So far I managed to get the alone ending xD and the friendship ending with Deandre and Hendrik.

I’m sure this will be the first game from this list I’ll finish 😀

Also!!!!! there is a lot of representation for different backgrounds on this game, and that just made me so happy ;w; The MC in this game is a diabetic type 1, a really close relative is also diabetic type 1 and it’s something I don’t really see reflected in media, nor in the media we (her and I) like – anime/manga/games. And it also passively educates you on that subject, which is great *cries* ok, now I’m gonna shut up, but seriously I’m so grateful for representation c: (maybe I’ll get her to finally start playing otomes with this game! >:3)

Oh, I haven’t been able to play any mobile games… I tripped and broke my phone *sobs* so I lost my CGs and stuff orz

I’m going to try to get back to the “one post each week” thing, see you soon ^^/
Oh, I’ll also go read everything I’ve missed in the Wp reader >w>


8 thoughts on “What I played – March/April

  1. Cat says:

    I have no idea how they do it all either, it must be some sort of magical power, really! 😅
    Welcome back and that’s a pity about your phone, hope you get a new one soon, I know how deprived we get without our 2D baes (^_−)☆
    I like that indie companies give more representation to minorities and problems, but I sure wish the mainstream also did it. It really annoys me that in YA, or in most games and books, the MC’s are perfectly healthy, no problems. I mean, they don’t even have basic problems like zits, acne, crooked teeth, black heads, much less problems like diabetes or arthritis, etc.
    Sorry if I got a bit long winded ORZ

    Liked by 1 person

    • Nozomi says:

      If it is indeed magic, someday I hope I’ll be a magical girl too and then I’ll be able to manage my time more efficiently :’D

      Thanks ->

      I love how indie companies know what we need, I think mainstream media has a long way to go, but at least bit by bit industries can change through small creators and that gives me hope 🙂

      And thanks for your comment 😀 don’t worry about the length 😉


      • Nozomi says:

        WP ate half of my comment D; !

        But I was just babbling about not being able to play any Voltage or Solmare games after a self-imposed 2-month ban (so that I could save a bit of money) orz


      • Cat says:

        I want to join the circle as a magical girl too! 😢
        I tried planning and scheduling times, but I never feel like doing it at those times 😂
        Your welcome ~(^з^)-♡
        Hopefully the indie creators partner up with the big companies to make mainstream media more inclusive and help spread awareness and goodness.

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Umiko says:

    Wow, I found really interesting some of the games you talked about. I have Hustle cat in my wishlist in steam, haha. Is C14 in steam too? I’d like to give it a try (better if it has a discount, though). See you around.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Nozomi says:

      *huggles* C14 is on steam here: http://store.steampowered.com/app/451640/ 😀
      Since it was just released it’ll probably won’t get any discounts for a while, Winter Wolves always offers sales on July, October and December, not sure about Steam Sales, but if any visual novel or anime related sales happen again, it will probably be there too c:


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