Pokemon Sun and Moon

We got this lovely new video revealing the starters, the legendaries and a bit of gameplay of the new Pokemon games.

I honestly thought that I wasn’t gonna be that excited for this gen… boy I was wrong.

It’s been 15 years since I started this trip along with Pokemon Yellow and my Game Boy Color (which was also Pokemon themed) not really knowing what I was doing 😂 , I honestly think one of the reasons I started to like english and was willing to improve on it was that my first game (and all my Pkmn games for that matter) were in english, I needed to know it well to be able to play them. I remember being stuck on Pkmn Yellow because I couldn’t deliver Oak’s parcel… simply because I didn’t know what a “parcel” was 😅 poor younger me. Also, I could never get a Pikachu with surf </3

So thanks aunt, for giving me a christmas gift so many years ago and turning me into a Pokemon trainer,  it’s been a long ride but I’m happy to be able to keep playing and keep enjoying these games 😍

PS: I am a fire starter girl ❤ (except for Tepig, I still don’t like him :P)


*Cries forever* ;w;


2 thoughts on “Pokemon Sun and Moon

  1. Umiko says:

    I kind of feel the same thing. Even though I don’t fancy the fact that it is placed in Hawai, I love the new graphic designs and the new possibilities that it implys. However, I need to see more to know if it is worth the hype.

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