5 moments I let my otakuness slip

I pretty much disappeared for a while orz I have been pretty busy with work ;A; I also started learning Korean and that took away a lot of my free time, but it’s fun ;w;  I’ll try to get back on schedule.

I’m pretty sure otakuness is not a word but let’s just go with it!

The main reason I started blogging was that I felt sort of alone in my hobbies, I didn’t really have anyone to share them with. That was like 7 years ago, now I’m pretty sure all my friends know I like anime/manga/chinese stuff (as they call them), but I think they don’t realize just how deep I’m in it…. until it slips :_D

These are just some of those moments:


A Chinese Boy(?)

When I started university I didn’t really share much about what I liked… actually I didn’t really talk that much at all :_D but I got along well with everyone and I slowly started making friends. This was good because there were a lot of group projects.

This happened when I had my very first blog and I began to like otome, the Starry Sky games were pretty new and I loved them (I still don’t know Japanese but at that time I played with text extractors and automatic translations, crappy translations yes – but I was hooked xDDD). So, I used my blog to fangirl with other otome fans (that hasn’t changed since then :’D), and I also had a public image gallery where I uploaded any scans or official images I found of SS, it was hosted on mediafire.

One day I was uploading pics to the SS mediafire folder and at the same time I was uploading a file that I was supposed to send to a friend for a group project… so… it happened… I mixed them up and ended up sending my friend the Starry Sky pic TTwTT

ShikiI was so embarrassed I still remember the exact pic I sent her ;A;

Shiki looks great, but my friends answer was “Hey, you didn’t send me the file, I got a Chinese boy instead!” and then I died :_D


You can sit on benches!

This one also happened when I was a uni student. I think I was already working on my thesis and the first Pokemon X & Y teasers started coming out, needless to say, I was super excited!

I don’t remember how did the conversation begin, but I was sitting with a friend and he said something like “… just like in Pokemon…” maybe I got it wrong and I’m 100% sure that my poor friend had no idea a new game was coming out but my answer was a really long fangirling speech about the new games and how excited I was about them…

“We got 3D graphics!!!! You can customise your character!!! you can ride Pokemons!!! YOU CAN EVEN SIT ON THE BENCHES!!!!” Poor him… when I saw his confused face I finally realized I got the Pokemon reference totally wrong :_D


So… where are the dirty parts?

Before my last two semesters in Uni I didn’t really have money to spend on my hobbies, so when friends came over they never saw anything too weird, I think I had like 6 mangas but they never really noticed them D;
Then I finally started working! I still remember that with my first pay check I got a Danbo ;w; but by then pretty much no one came over or we would work on projects elsewhere. This was something I hadn’t realised until last year… and since graduation I have been buying mangas, some figures, some games, etc so my room has changed :_D

Last year a couple of friends visited me and after chatting a bit they came into my room… It was like having two kids at a home store touching everything and asking about everything!
– “Hey look it’s Ash!” – No! That’s not Ash, that’s Red! (My poor Red Nendo)
– “What’s this?” – No, please stop squishing my Rei pillow

Then this happened:
J:  “Hey what’s this?”
A: “Oh, that’s manga, right?”
Me: “Yes it is, just leave it on the shelf.”
J: “It’s called My love Story!” *starts flipping the pages* “So, where are the dirty parts?!”

I laughed really hard, out of them all (I had just gotten my first 3 yaoi mangas), she took one of the sweetest shoujos xD then I took the manga away from her and lead them both out of my room :_D



But aren’t they all the same?

This one is pretty recent. I have one only friend that likes anime orz and I was trying to make him watch Osomatsu-san, he still hasn’t, but he knows I really like it. We also like buying merch and even if we don’t like the same series we like to chat about new releases, the purchases we make, etc

When the Osomatsu figmas were out he told me, just in case I missed the announcement, but it went something like this:

C: “Hey, the figures you like are out! But they are like 5 and they are the same… ?”
Me: “There are 6 Matsus and they are not the same!!!!”

This was followed by a short conversation explaining their differences and their distinctive colors. (Now C, this wouldn’t have happened if you watched the anime, as I recommended >:c)




This one was weird(?) I have this client, which is actually a married couple that owns a business. They know I like anime/manga and it seems like the husband’s sister also likes it. The little sister knows Japanese, practices kendo and she traveled to Japan a few months ago, before her trip the husband started showing me pics of the tour she was going to take… I was trying to control myself xD but I don’t know if I did well, because there were pics of temples, Akihabara, etc and I was commenting on them and getting excited! (aww the deers in Nara *melts*) we saw a ton of pictures! until the wife had to say “Japan is over!” and we began our work meeting xD

I did this post on my spanish blog and to my surprise some bloggers wanted to do it too! So if you have lots of this kind of stories, please take 5 and share them with everyone :_D

I had a lot of fun writing this!


4 thoughts on “5 moments I let my otakuness slip

  1. Umiko says:

    Hahaha. I have to say that I really enjoy your anecdotes. This is what happends when you life in a world not ready for otakus. However, little by little I feel we are being more accepted than before. Is nice to read you. See you around 😉

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Taty says:

    OMG, I relate so much to this. Not on Uni, but after, at work.

    I’ve always this passion about Japanese culture, anime, manga and games, in an overall. It has driven me since I was a teenager and the fire never went out. Luckily on high school and uni, I found lots of people with the same interest, but that is basically because I did Game Design as a uni. Ever since I started working on different game companies and it is so fun to see that inside there are so many few people that actually are like that.

    With Pokemon GO out and the Sun and Moon coming, I could not hide my Pokemon addiction. And then people just think I am like 5 years old. No one here is a passionate fan as I am, and when they ask something… I just can’t stop. And then sometimes I get excited about Japanese things and then go eating ramen, drinking ramune and all happy and one of my friends asked “Why are you so obsessed with Japanese things?”.

    Sometimes, I guess, we just have to be ourselves. xD

    Liked by 1 person

    • Nozomi says:

      Super late reply orz

      I think it’s great that you always had someone to relate with, also game designs sound pretty cool >w>

      I know, with the Pokemon Go release all my friends were sort of making fun of me, cause I was just so very overexcited xDD but half the fun is getting excited about stuff! Even if not everyone gets it 😛


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