Sweetening up my day!

Hi! I wanted to share a recent purchase from Blippo. A while ago they were holding a summer sale and I got some Japanese candies :9 (I started this post so long ago orz)

Blippo offers free shipping, and for an extra $2 you’ll get tracking info which I find great! Sadly my local mail service took a long time to deliver the box, so after a month of being in the country they finally delivered it 😥

Let’s begin!

These were my best purchase òuó, as you can see, there is an illustration of a bird holding the candies and whistling. You can blow trough the candy and make a whistling noise! ;w; best candy I’ve had in many years xDD I had lots of fun bugging my dog and my sisters with them xD the downside is that they are very similar to Smarties, both in taste and in consistency, and although I do like Smarties, this means they can break easily if you are not careful ;-;
(Nozomi is 25 but enjoys this kind of stuff as if she were 7)

Luckily I was smart enough to get more of this whistle candies! I knew I was going to like them xD

Inside the little box with the duck and mouse illustration, there was a little plastic cat toy, nothing too fancy but it was a nice surprise c:
(Yup, as if she were 7 xD)

Next we have some gummies, they were shaped as cat paws, very cute ;w; and they tasted like passion fruit which I think is a bit of a weird flavour for gummies, they were tasty although my sisters didn’t like them very much.

A few months back I got a Japan Candy Box, and these chocolates were included, sadly they melted. I ordered them again because of the sale and I also thought this time they’ll arrive faster >_< well that didn’t happen… at least the box is cute.

Something that I had always wanted to try are this Milky! candies, the box is super cute ;w; I forgot to take a photo, but each candy comes individually wrapped. They are very sweet and taste a sort of like condensed milk (actually they taste exactly like a traditional candy from my country).

Lastly I got this small board, I really like making to-do lists so I’m hoping this helps reduce the amount of paper I use for making them :_D

It’s just a sticker pasted on a piece of balsa wood. The downside is that since it’s just a sticker it gets a bit dirty when you erase, I haven’t tried cleaning it with alcohol yet but hopefully that will help.

I’m trying to finish up a post about Mystic Messenger, so hopefully that will be done soon :_D

See you soon ^u^/


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