DSCN5176 copyHey there! Nozomi here!

I created this blog to mainly share my thoughts on manga titles, post photos of merch and fangirl over Visual Novels.

I’m from Ecuador – South America, so english is not my first language, the second (or fourth) purpose of this blog is to practice my writing skills, if you find any kind of mistake or some weird phrasing, please let me know!

Even tough my native language is spanish, I mostly read/buy mangas and VNs in english, so I thought it would be nice to be part of the english blogging community >3<

Fangirl.ninja is my main spanish blog, I may use some photos from there in this blog.


24 thoughts on “About

  1. pokeninja90 says:

    i just wanted to stop by and say HEY 😀 ! I love manga,anime, and otome too! I look forward to reading more of your stuff! (I’ve tried to read the stuff on your other blog, but i don’t really know much spanish…chrome translator helps though)! I hope we can be friends!


    • Nozomi says:

      Aww thanks a lot! I hope we can be friends too 😀
      I just started on wordpress and your message makes me so happy ;w; I’m glad I found your blog and other manga/otomeish blogs through it (so thanks for that too!)

      Lol don’t worry, my spanish blog has lots of content cause I have been writing on it for 4 years (that sounds like a lot), but hopefully I’ll get to fill Hobby Luv with lots of articles soon >3<

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  2. Pizza Maid says:

    Hello! I had a notice that you had followed me so I want to make a stop to your site to say hello and thank you for the follow!

    I love the design of both your EN and Spanish sites and am so excited to read more from you! ^_^


    • Nozomi says:

      I really like you blog! Thanks a lot for the follow back and your kind words ;w;
      I hope we get along and I also look forward to your next posts, your Chezem story made me laugh a lot, it was also what made me stay and keep reading many of your other posts :_D

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  3. Umiko Lunita says:

    Hi, Nozomi, I’m Umiko.
    Since you are trying to improve your English, I thought I could help you a little bit. My first language is Spanish as well, but practicing together could be nice. Good luck with your new blog and see you around. 😉


  4. HijackedCat says:

    Hi, I really like your blog, and I’d love to exchange links with you (ᗒᗨᗕ)
    I’ve already added you to my blogroll, if that’s okay with you, and my link is https://anothergamingday.wordpress.com and the title is Another Gaming Day (⌬̀⌄⌬́)
    I’m also someone writing in English even though it’s my second language (and I’ve learnt it by self-studying) so it’s great to see someone on the same boat!
    I really like your posts, and I’m looking forward to more ۹(˒௰˓)۶

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    • Nozomi says:

      Supermega late reply ;A;
      I’d be lovely to exchange links 😀 I’ll add a link in a bit!

      I honestly had no idea english wasn’t your first language, you are super good at it! Let’s keep working hard together 🙂 hopefully I can also write more frequently in this blog orz.



      • HijackedCat says:

        It’s fine, don’t worry! o.(+・`ω・+).o
        Aww, thanks!
        Let’s keep going wooo (ฅ`ω´ฅ)
        Looking forward to it then~!


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