Sweetening up my day!

Hi! I wanted to share a recent purchase from Blippo. A while ago they were holding a summer sale and I got some Japanese candies :9 (I started this post so long ago orz)

Blippo offers free shipping, and for an extra $2 you’ll get tracking info which I find great!¬†Sadly my local mail service took a long time to deliver the box, so after a month of being in the country they finally delivered it ūüė•

Let’s begin!

These were my best purchase √≤u√≥, as you can see, there is an illustration of a bird holding the candies and whistling. You can blow trough the candy and make a whistling noise! ;w;¬†best candy I’ve had in many years xDD I had lots of fun bugging my dog and my sisters with them xD the downside is that they are very similar to¬†Smarties, both in taste and in consistency, and although I do like Smarties, this means they can break easily if you are not careful ;-;
(Nozomi is 25 but enjoys this kind of stuff as if she were 7)

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